10/31/2012 12:56pm

You can put anything about instruments here! If you have any questions, just comment, and I will reply as soon as I can! Also, is there anything I need to change? Tell me, I don't mind what you say, as long as you speak of the truth. If you think my website is sloppy, I will try to fix it up! Just remember, at the moment, this is not finished, and I am going to add a lot more cool things to this website! :) :) :) :) Thank you for looking at me website!


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    if you have any questions about a trumpet or clarinet, you can ask me! Or, you can give some helpful advice to other people, don't be afraid to speak up! Also, if this does not list an instrument you own, and you are having troubles, I will try to help, or you can ask another user! Thank you!