This was the most awesome book ever! As you can tell from the title it's about owls. Roy is just an ordinary boy that moves from schools, states. Everywhere. All the time. He wishes that his family would just quit moving and settle in one place! As a new pancake house is going to be built, a huge problem is in the way. No one claims to know it's actually happening, but Roy has proof. What's the problem? What am I even talking about? Read to find out!
The long series of Narnia is a never ending adventure! It's a really great series that is recommended from ages 8-1,00! You will just love this series!
This book is really great! It is another historical fiction book, that takes place in 1793! As strange things start happening around Mattie, everything seems to be changing! A fever is going around, and everyone is struggling to survive! Will Matti
Journey to the River Sea seems a little slow in the beginning. But after the action starts to happen, it leaves you with a lot of questions! You just want to read on forever! This boo
White Sands, Red Menance. The sequal to the Green Glass Sea! Since the Green Glass Sea was so wonderful, I decided to read this book, too. If you like books in the genre histoical fiction, you'll l
The Green Glass Sea is an amazing book! It takes place during World War II in the 1940's. It's about a girl named Dewey, and her Dad works far away. He works on something for World War II, that should end the war. She lives with a neighbor, but was going to get sent to live with her dad- right? Read this amazing book!
The Harry Potter series is extraordinary! Any kids or adult would fall in love with the series! Join Harry and his friends as they go on magical adventures, creating history that will stay deep in your mind!


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    November 2013